Dec 8 2009:
Receive announcement from Entertainment Partners and decide to win the Grand Prize trip to Park City during the Sundance Film Festival.

Dec 10 2009:
Meet with Elliot Long at GNAT to discuss producing a film together in the style of Film Noir.

Dec 11 2009:
First draft of screenplay complete.

Dec 13 2009:
Introduce alternate version that is more charming and romantic introduced by Carolina Leon Veljovic; both scripts completed by Ellenbogen.

Dec 14 2009:
Survey 30 people to determine which direction to go... Film Noir or romantic and charming.

Dec 17 2009:
Film Noir version wins vote of confidence from survey and production moves forward.

Dec 18-20 2009:
Ellenbogen scouts locations in and around Manchester. Search for Director of Photography a top priority; Christmas holiday time is making it difficult to fill this crucial role. Elliot Long struggles with this important need, but eventually remembers Antonio Panetta who has done shooting for CAT TV in Bennington as well as MTV and more.

Dec 19 2009:
Steven Schlussel offers an old crank phone for a key prop that is buried in his barn.... he will eventually portray the shopkeeper and also install the phone on set.

Dec 20 2009:
Antonio Panetta, Director of Photography, is found and agrees to shoot the film.

Dec 21 2009:
Locations are confirmed... Dorset Union Store, Wilburton Inn, and GNAT-TV studios.

Dec 22-23 2009:
Casting calls at GNAT; in reality this was more like “rehearsal” since the only people who came were the ones we invited to come... fortunately they were all perfect!

Dec 22 2009:
Blake Johnson joins the crew as our Visual Effects and Graphic Design talent... he will make any effects for the film and also the poster and website for the completed film.

Dec 26-27 2009:
Principle photography takes place; all scenes are shot and completed on TIME and on BUDGET.

Dec 28-29 2009:
First rough cut of the film completed as Ellenbogen works closely with Elliot Long. Royalty Free music selected from the vast internet after searching for and finding available music from composer Kevin MacLeod that fit our film perfectly after some fancy editing.

Jan 3 2010:
Second cut done at one minute and 30 seconds... need to lose 31 seconds.

Jan 5 2010:
Final cut complete at 59 seconds!

Jan 6 2010:
Submit CITIZEN PRODUCER to Make Movie Magic competiton on YouTube.

Jan 7 2010:
Receive Grand Prize award announcement!

Jan 25-29 2010:
Time spent at the Sundance Film Festival

Feb 8 2010:
Premiere of CITIZEN PRODUCER at Mulligan’s of Manchester.