Michael D Ellenbogen maintains interests in private artist consulting, film and event production, marketing, photography, and business development. Ellenbogen enjoys productions that bring people together to learn from each other and experience the work of talented creators of goods, services, or art.


Ellenbogen formed Jack of Hearts Productions to produce events and film properties that he has acquired rights to, options for, or has written. His most recent acquisition is a romantic comedy to be shot on a very low budget and shot in Manchester, Vermont, and his screenplays include an adaptation of Horace Walpole’s The Castle of Otranto and an original screenplay called Get Out of Timaru. Otranto is being developed as a “pop-gothic” feature film while Timaru is a young man’s travel odyssey set in New Zealand. All are to be directed by Ellenbogen.

Ellenbogen’s first feature film production, Ilya Chaiken’s Margarita Happy Hour, premiered at the Sundance Film Festival and is currently available on DVD. It is a highly praised independent film.

At Focus Features (1998-2004) he worked as a film/market analyst developing competitive models and devising a powerful box-office gross tracking system. The models became the foundation for the strategic plans for the distribution of many of the most successful specialty films release in the US at this time. These films include Lost in Translation, 21 Grams, Swimming Pool, Far From Heaven, The Pianist, Monsoon Wedding, Gosford Park, In the Mood for Love, Traffic, and Being John Malkovich.

He has programmed, produced, and juried film festivals since 1993 including the Brazilian Film Festival in Miami, the Florida Film Festival, the Woodstock Film Festival, Ashdod International Film Festival (Israel), Manchester International Film Festival (VT), Gen Art Film Festival, and the Shorts International Film Festival. Prior festival experience includes producing and programming international short film festivals from 1993-1996.

Ellenbogen’s first relationship to the independent film world was to work very closely for three years with Larry Fessenden, Rachael Horovitz, and others at Glass Eye Pix in New York. He and Fessenden co-wrote the book Low Impact Filmmaking: a Practical Guide to Environmentally Sound Film & Video Production. For fun, Ellenbogen programmed and host Full House: a Night of Movies at the famed coffeehouse Limbo on Avenue A in the early 90s where filmmakers such as Michael Almereyda, Kimberly Pierce, Tamara Jenkins, and Alan Taylor among many others showed up to introduce their short films.

Born in Italy, Antonio Panetta has been working as a Cinematographer since graduating from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts in Film and Video Production in 1987.

Antonio’s keen eye has brought to life scores of television commercials, dozens of short films, music videos, numerous Independent Feature films, as well as a TV series for MTV networks. Some of Antonio’s clients include Viacom, PBS, ABC, NBC, Talon Films, MTV, Manifesto Productions, and many advertising agencies.

A true cinematographer in every sense of the word; Antonio’s attention to the details of lighting, camera angles and composition, make him a master of his craft.

Mild mannered public access employee by day, crime-fighting freelance video editor by night, Elliot Long lives in Vermont but has no plans of dying in Vermont.

Photographer & Visual Arts Consultant.

Imported from Canada, Steve has spent the last 12 years hacking his way across the Canadian tundra from Vancouver to Toronto performing great feats of:

  • Interactive Design
  • Video Production and Post-Production
  • Motion Graphics
  • Print and Prepress

He crossed over the border 4 years ago and now continues dazzle dozens in Vermont.

Blake has loved stories, visual art and media creation from a very young age. From reading to writing, teaching himself graphic and web design and filmmaking techniques, he has a knack for understanding technology and integrating it into his creative work.

Educated in graphic and web design and development, video production and photography, he recently spent two years in Vancouver, where he completed a one-year intensive course in visual effects for film and television. He also worked on two feature films as a compositor after graduating.

Hoping for film school in the Fall of 2010, he keeps himself busy working on personal projects of all sorts and keeping up with the fields he’s devoted to.